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    our nets are specifically selected for their extreme resistance to ensure safe use
             (origin quebec or france depending on the model)

            we do not offer the sale of nets alone

black living net.Black loft net

polyamide black net

the most popular. nylon net,

mesh resistance of 968 lbs.

5mm 1 1/2" mesh

gray home net

gray high tenacity polyester net

An ideal net for 

modern and contemporary designs.

1 1/4" mesh

white living net.white loft net

polyamide white net

perfect for pure white interior design

100% nylon.

Mesh resistance 968 lbs

blue hammock net
red net
mesh 50mm Ø4.75mm knotted yellow.jpg
green catamaran net

anti-color fall net

Blue, green or red, several colors available for this knotted anti-fall net.

(plan for production and import times)

(origin France)

beige home net.hammock net

beige high tenacity polyester net

A high polyester net more natural color toughness that blends well with wood

Mesh 1 1/4". Resistance of 7900 kg/m2

Guardrail net

guardrail nets

Several types of bodyguard nets, different meshes and colors

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