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Installation Techniques

We apply the techniques still in effect   in the establishment of safety nets in treetop adventure parks.

These nets are subject to enormous constraints, meteorological (in Japan the rate of snow cover in winter is higher than in Quebec, in Dubai the temperatures are extreme!) and frequentation (several hundred people per day).

This guarantees increased durability and reliability for your net.

The anchors, undoubtedly the most important!

We use forged or stainless steel eyebolt to guarantee optimum safety.

Each anchor, if properly installed, in a healthy and solid structure, can support more than one ton (2200 lbs).

The steel cable will support the net, its breaking load is 14,000 lbs.

residential net anchor

The small detail that changes everything !

This simple nylon thread has a breaking load of 2000 lbs, it is used to weave the net on the steel cable, in several passages including stopper knots.

This installation technique guarantees a net that is always taut with no empty space between the net and your wall (we think of our youngest users).

braiding house net

The net, a quality product with incredible capacities!

We use a sewn nylon net, made in Quebec. Its resistance is impressive, you can relax there with your friends and children without any problem. We suggest, however, not to exceed 1200 lbs (550 kgs), and not to use your net as a trampoline, it is not its vocation!

residential net resistance test
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