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Preparing the support frame

For the majority of projects the house net will require a strong frame to support the load.

walls exploded montatnts bleu.jpg

Setting up the frame

As long as the walls are open (renovation/construction) provide for the installation of reinforcements between the uprights then a wood rail screwed into the structure.

complete walls with frame and 2x6 between studs 2.jpg

Frame on 3 walls

It sometimes happens that it is necessary to create a 4th side, several possibilities are available to you. Contact us to discuss.

setting up the net

Installation of the net

The net is made smaller than the void to be filled, the tension on the anchors is strong  this is why the solidity of the frame is essential.

walls exploded uprights 2 smooth blue 2.jpg

If the walls are closed, once the studs have been identified through the finishing covering, two 2x6''/2x8'' boards screwed to each other will provide the 3 in. necessary for the safe installation of the anchors.

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